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  • California Labor Law And Reporting Time Pay
    Posted by (Leslie Ruhland) on September 29, 2016 at 4:00 pm

    California labor law is vast, complex, and constantly changing. The challenge for HR and Payroll professionals is in knowing and properly complying with it all. Keeping up with and understanding the ever-growing (and changing) body of California labor laws is essential for HR professionals  and Payroll departments. These are the people in most businesses who must ensure that employees are being paid correctly and on-time. Consequently, both groups need to understand the impact that an employee’s working schedule may have on his or her pay. […]

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I think pretty much everyone is aware of how time consuming it could be to deal with the IRS these days. Considering their workload, it’s an exercise in patience trying to deal with them. Ask me, I know.

Therefore I really appreciate the effort you guys put forth and look forward to another 8 years and beyond of doing business with such top-notch folks like you.