ACCUCHEX was founded in 1990 in San Rafael California and over the last 25 years has developed a reputation as a premier provider of comprehensive workforce management solutions, including payroll processing, payroll tax services, Time and Attendance management, insurance and employee benefits, and human resource outsourcing.

Payroll Services

Over the past 25 years, ACCUCHEX has become one of the largest independent payroll companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. We process payrolls, deposit taxes, and file tax returns for companies with employees in all fifty states and territories. When you partner with Accuchex it allows you to focus on your business knowing that your payroll is handled by payroll specialists making sure that everyone gets paid correctly and on time.

Time2Pay, a proprietary and robust Accuchex payroll management software provides you full access to all of your company’s detailed information, allowing you to view, update and manage your company and employee records 24 hours a day, from anywhere with ease.

Payroll Tax Services

Remitting payroll taxes correctly and on time is critical. Each payroll cycle Accuchex calculates the employer taxes, withhold the employer taxes and schedule the tax payment transmissions to the appropriate tax agencies depending on the threshold put forth by the various states and the IRS. As your authorized agent, the Accuchex tax Representative works on your behalf where any communication are required with the tax agencies and advise the employer accordingly.

Time and Attendance

Accuchex provides time keeping solutions that are easy to set up and effortless to manage. Companies are analyzed before recommending a time and attendance solution based on company size, scheduling complexity, access for managers and remote users and any other factors that may be specific to an individual company. All of our recommended time and attendance solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly to our proprietary Time2Pay payroll management solution. This full system integration eliminates the possibility of human error as well as saving you the time (and money) of data entry.


Accuchex Insurance Services, LLC (CA Lic. #0G33235) is an independent insurance agency specializing in employee benefits such as Medical, Property & Casualty (Workers Compensation), Professional Liability Insurance, etc.

Accuchex Insurance works with you to customize the right mix of expertise, products, services and support based on the scope of your needs – with the flexibility necessary to adapt to your changing organization.

Human Resources

Accuchex has teamed up with the CalChamber to help you navigate the most complex and rigid labor laws in the country at a subscription price that can’t be beat. As our valued partner CalChamber provides you with employer labor law experts, human resource professionals and pro-business staff lobbyists – all the resources your business needs in a single place. CalChamber subscriptions also include the newsletter and legislative alerts which cover everything from the big picture of public policy to the nitty-gritty of wage and hour law.

In summary, our strong commitment to customer service provides our clients cost-effective, customizable business process functions that bridge the gap between corporate payroll, employee benefits, and human resources management.