Time and Attendance by Accuchex

The Accuchex time and attendance solutions are designed with everyday people in mind. Simple time keeping solutions that are easy to set up and effortless to manage allow you to focus on your business.

Accuchex analyzes each company and designs a time and attendance solution based on company size, scheduling complexity, access for managers and remote users and any other factors that may be specific to an individual company. All of our recommended time and attendance solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly into our proprietary Time2Pay payroll management solution. This full system integration eliminates the possibility of human error while keying time entries as well as saving you the time (and money) with all-consuming data entry. Accuchex designs a solution as well as clearly mapping out the implementation process based on your specific needs.

Accuchex offers a variety of time clock solutions – from online time clock systems (web clock) all the way through full biometric systems. Our most basic solution, the web clock, accessible from any internet connected computer or smartphone, is a great solution for remote employees. The availability of numerous time and attendance variations – with swipe cards or biometric scanning capabilities – allows Accuchex to customize a solution that fits your needs. A full biometric clock eliminates the possibility of buddy punching; making sure employees are at work before they clock in. All data is stored on the server and is accessible for managers to review at any point through the day. Other features include monitoring statuses using daily email notifications as well as full audit trail capabilities.

Every time and attendance solution that Accuchex offers has full capability of tracking job codes and various tasks. As well as assisting in labor distribution needs Accuchex time and attendance solutions have full scheduling capabilities. Save various schedules for future use, no more reinventing the wheel, maintain a scheduling library for future use.

Already have a Point of Sale system that handles your time and attendance? No problem, Accuchex probably already integrates to it. If not, we can easily set up to transfer directly to payroll. In addition to POS integration Accuchex and usually handle any clock you already own and use.

The employee self-service functionality allows employees to view and track their time cards, even edit if given the capabilities. Managers can take advantage of the smartphone app to quickly see at a glance who is clocked in or out.

Accuchex handles all of your time and attendance needs, whether designing a new system or integrating to an existing, with ease.

  • Ease of use
  • Flexibility
  • Variety
  • Convenience
  • Labor distribution
  • Job costing
  • Scheduling
  • Point of Sale integration
  • Time management

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