Minimize Confusion Maximize Profit


Streamline your scheduling process and increase accountability.

Advanced scheduling made easy.

Minimize Confusion

Copy-and-Paste Templates
Drag-and-Drop Scheduling
Automated Compliance Features
Swap Shifts With Ease

Maximize Profit

Reduce Open-shift Fill Time
Overtime and Overstaffing Alerts
Employee Self-management
Fill Shifts With Best Candidates

Copy-and-Paste Templates

Set up standard shifts to accelerate the scheduling process. Breeze through employee scheduling so you can focus on other tasks. Set up a standard schedule for each employee, then just copy and paste it into each schedule period. From there, you can drag and drop shifts as much as you like, but you’ll already have the basic structure in place. It’s the optimal way to streamline the scheduling process.

Swap Shifts With Ease

Filling holes in the schedule becomes much simpler with the TimeSimplicity Virtual Trade Board. Instead of waiting for managers to circulate requests on their behalf, employees simply post requests on the online message board. Managers can promptly observe, monitor, and approve shift request changes online. Once a shift trade is approved, TimeSimplicity automatically alerts the appropriate staff members.

Simple and Fast

Replete with revolutionary features to take the edge off every mundane task, TimeSimplicity will have you assembling schedules in less time than your best employee spends on break. And with workflows that leverage your effort over and over again, you won’t spend time resenting the repetition and monotony traditionally inherent in scheduling.

Drag and Drop Scheduling

Arrange employee schedules with drag-and-drop simplicity. Changing shift start and end times is as effortless as dragging and dropping with your mouse. Building work schedules has never been more straightforward.

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