FAQ on Payroll Management

Our company won a municipal contract but now we are required to report a “Certified payroll”. What does that mean?

Certified payroll is a specialized data input format of hours worked and labor costs for a specific job and is used to generate a report that complies with the Form WH-347 from the Wage and Hour Division of the U.S. Department of Labor. This involves, among other things, payroll input on a daily basis, job codes, pay codes and report parameters. Certified payrolls must be handled within the context of all the normal requirements for state and federal tax deposits, quarterly and year end reporting.

We’re concerned about the environment and want to receive reports electronically. Does Accuchex offer a paperless payroll option?

Yes! An environmentally friendly option is the “Go Green Payroll” which eliminates the generation of unwanted paper reports, expensive delivery charges, and more. Even employees can benefit from the paperless payroll by signing up for Employee Self Service (ESS) and Direct Deposit with Email Notification of wage statements. Go Green!

My company needs Worker’s Comp insurance. Can Accuchex help me with that?

Yes, Accuchex Insurance Services LLC (CDI#0G33235) is a full service insurance agency that can assist you with all of your business and personal insurance needs. Please contact us at 877.422.2824 and ask for the insurance department. You are also welcome to email acxins@accuchex.com for more information.

My accountant would like access to my company’s payroll records in Time2Pay®. Is it possible to grant her access?

Yes, Time2Pay® fully supports the ability to give controlled access to authorized 3rd parties using their own secure logon credentials. There are also varying security roles which can be assigned to limit what can be access and abilities.

I can’t find my W-2. How do I get another copy?

Please contact your employer to request a copy. Accuchex prepares W-2 Forms. The employee copies are then dispersed by the employer on or before January 31. For record keeping purposes, copies of the W-2 forms are supplied to the employer to retain in case of individual loss.

If I sign up for direct deposit, how long does it take to go onto effect.

Direct Deposit will usually go into effect the second payroll after your request has been submitted to your employer. Typically, a pre-notification is submitted to your bank to verify that the information entered into our system matches your account correctly. A common reason for a longer period before effective may be that the information originally submitted was incorrect. Once corrected and verified, direct deposit is a convenient and secure method to receive wages.

My payroll has not arrived yet today. Can I track the delivery status of my payroll? When should I worry?

Most delivery locations are guaranteed delivery by 12:00 pm. To track the status of your payroll package, simply login in to Time2Pay®, select the Payroll Tab and then choose the Scheduled & Shipped option. From this point you should then choose the tracking number for the date of the payroll you are looking for. If you do not have online access to Time2Pay®, please contact your payroll specialist and they can assist you.

I have never accessed my company’s payroll information online. How can I acquire login credentials to access Time2Pay®?

Contact your payroll specialist directly or you can email acxhelp@accuchex.com. Your request will be reviewed, your identity confirmed as an authorized contact, and then login information will be provided. To learn how to navigate Time2Pay and understand the features and benefits please request an introduction and training.

I cannot remember my password to login into Time2Pay®. What should I do?

Please contact your payroll specialist. They will be able to assist you with acquiring a new login password.

Can my employees access their paystub information online?

Yes, Accuchex offers an Employee Self Service (ESS) portal that enables employees to securely access their individual payroll history and other information online 24/7 through Time2Pay®.

When should I expect copies of my quarterly payroll tax returns after the end of a quarter?

Typically, payroll tax returns are completed and delivered on or around the 15th of the month following the close of a quarter and copies are available by logging in to Time2Pay. If adjustments to the closed quarter payroll details are required after the published adjustment deadline date, every effort will be made to accommodate the late request without further delay, however Accuchex will be absolved of liability for any penalties assessed if the adjustments result in late filing.

I will need to run a bonus payroll at the end of the year, but I will not have the numbers to run that payroll until after the end-of-the-year processing deadline. What should I do?

The best thing to do is to contact your payroll specialist and notify them of this situation as soon as possible. The sooner we are advised of this situation the likelihood of incurring additional processing fees will be reduced. This may, however, incur a “Late Processing” fee at the end of a quarter/year. Whenever possible, please advise your payroll specialist in advance of any off-cycle payroll processing dates.

I have a Point-of-Sales system that can track my employees' hours. Is there any way to transfer this information into the payroll system so I do not have to re-key the timecard information manually?

Yes, Accuchex understands the benefits of system integration and automation. Simply, provide us a sample file from the POS system and help us to identify the data and format in it, we will map the data in that file to be imported into our Time2Pay® payroll system saving valuable time and avoiding costly errors.

I have a friend who needs a payroll service. If I refer them to Accuchex, will I be rewarded in any way?

Yes, We appreciate a kind word and as a token of gratitude reward referring partners. Depending on the size and scope of the referred business, there may be a cash reward or free payroll processing.

I will be hiring an employee who lives and works in another state. Can Accuchex process my payroll for employees outside of California?

Yes, Accuchex processes payroll in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Please contact your payroll specialist as soon as possible to determine what needs to occur prior to processing payroll. Applying for tax ID numbers and registering for the tax payments deposit systems can take some time and differs state by state. Let’s work collaboratively to ensure success.

How many days in advance should I typically submit my payroll for processing?

Banking rules recommend submitting payroll for processing 2 banking days in advance of your check date. This requirement is also outlined in the Accuchex Processing Agreements to ensure funding. You are welcome to process your payroll up to 30 days in advance of your check date if desired. We will debit your account for fees, direct deposit, and taxes in the same manner as if you had processed within the standard 2 day window.

Our company is mandated to provide time off pay for sick and vacation. Can these accrual balances be tracked in Time2Pay and available for employees to view?

Yes. Call your payroll Specialist for assistance to set up your accrual tables. Even if your company has multiple accrual plans, these can be easily managed in Time2Pay. This accrual balances can also be presented on your employees’ paystub or made available through our Employee Self Service (ESS) portal.

All our employees enjoy the convenience of direct deposit. How can I provide the required paystub wage statement and direct deposit voucher

Accuchex will help to streamline the task of furnishing employees with required wage information each payroll cycle in two ways. Employees can receive the Employee Direct Deposit Email Notification (EDDEN) each payday which is delivered to their personal email address provided. And, or, employers can authorize the Employee Self Service (ESS) feature in Time2Pa. This service offers secure access to Time2Pay and provides greater visibility to the employees’ own files. On payday, your employees can login to see their Paystub information or they can simply receive it in an email to a designated email address.

I have a technical problem that I think would be best addressed by the Accuchex IT Team. Can I contact them directly?

Please contact your Payroll Specialist for assistance in I.T. issues. They will be able to determine who would be best suited to address your needs. You are also welcome to send an email to acxhelp@accuchex.com which is monitored by department leaders including IT and the service group. Someone will assist you with your needs promptly.