Quarterly Payroll Taxes

How to calculate quarterly payroll taxes

When a business has employees for which they prepare payroll checks, the business is required to make payroll deposits throughout the year for the taxes associated with the wages paid to employees. Most businesses have large enough payroll totals that require the company to pay both the employer paid tax expense and the employees’ withheld portion of taxes to be paid each payroll cycle.

In some cases, a business may not have a large enough payroll total to reach minimum thresholds and so are only required to remit on a quarterly basis, rather than with each payroll cycle. Quarterly payroll taxes include the employer share of payroll taxes and the amounts withheld for the employee share of payroll taxes combined.

Remitting payroll taxes correctly and on time is critical. Each payroll cycle Accuchex calculates the employer taxes, withhold the employee taxes and schedule the tax payment transmissions to the appropriate tax agencies depending on the thresholds put forth by the various states and the IRS. As the authorized agent, the Accuchex tax Representative will work on your behalf when any communications are required with the tax agencies and advise the employer accordingly.

In addition to the tax agency payroll returns, Accuchex will also provide a detailed wage report for all employees Quarter-to-Date and Year-to-Date for easy reference. This and many other detailed reports are available with your secure login to Time2Pay.

Form 941, Employer’s QUARTERLY Federal Tax Return Quarterly, typically due at the end of April, July, October, and January. At quarter end, we will prepare and electronically submit the 941 Federal Payroll tax return and the applicable states’ returns.

Although most states have their own versions of a quarterly tax reporting system, Accuchex will prepare and submit your quarterly payroll taxes according to the individual requirements of the appropriate state.  Look no further for a provider of quarterly payroll taxes in San Francisco, as well as quarterly payroll taxes in California.

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