Time2Pay: Your Enterprise Payroll Solution

If you are in search of a trustworthy enterprise payroll management software solution provider, you have reached the right place. We are a trusted name in California enterprise software solutions.

Stepping up from a small operation to an expanding enterprise? Then Time2Pay on the web is an ideal enterprise payroll management software solution for your growing company.

Time2Pay is not only an easy to use payroll management solution, it is a robust system and many of the hidden benefits of Time2Pay are realized within a growing enterprise. Let’s explore the robust features that are built into a scalable and multi-user application.


As your company grows and your needs expand, so does Time2Pay. The functionalities within Time2Pay allow you easy access to your data while maintaining ultimate control of your complex payroll. Features include specific roles with secure passwords and connections making Time2Pay multi-user friendly. Extensive reports customization is synonymous with this robust payroll management software and the ability to share task responsibilities among department staff or multiple locations ensures the payroll data is accurately and efficiently maintained.

Your Time2Pay can be integrated with time and attendance for accurate hours and labor requirements for ACA; upload directly into your general ledger using your chart of accounts; create a payroll bridge to transmit data and funds to your employee benefits providers.

Time2Pay Enterprise is robust, on-line and easy to maintain and operate payroll management software solution. In addition, it features over 60 standard reports to which you can add additional properties including code groups, 401K types and user defined fields to employee listings.

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