Get Agricultural Payroll Services in California from Accuchex

Accuchex has particular expertise in dealing with payrolls for agricultural entities. The Internal Revenue Service has separate and distinct rules for these employers which necessitate special handling. Due to our location in northern California we deal with many agricultural clients, such as vineyards, vineyard and winery combinations, vineyard management companies, dairies and nurseries.

This experience has enabled Accuchex to develop the knowledge and awareness to expertly handle reporting requirements and tax deposits for various industry structures. IRS Form 943 (for agricultural employers) is filed annually, while other non-farming operations are reported quarterly. Filing with the government is often done under both methods for the same entity using a single FEIN. Year-end reporting must bring all this together matching totals on Forms W-2.

The above is done while allowing for the tracking of wage limits of a single employee working in both the agricultural and non-farming area of the company. Requirements for reporting and tax deposits to state and other relevant agencies are likewise met.

Accuchex payroll processing software has the capability to handle these calculations, but more importantly, our Payroll Specialists are alert to the causes of potential problems during new client set-up and payroll data entry. This awareness, and the ability to take immediate corrective action gives Accuchex a unique advantage in handling agricultural payrolls.

When you are searching for California agricultural payroll services, Accuchex should is your best choice. We offer our services in California Bay area – including North Bay, South Bay and East Bay, and San Francisco.

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