Did you know, all California employers are now required to display mandatory federal and state labor law posters in a conspicuous space?

State and federal labor law posters have been changing more frequently than ever before mainly because there has been so much legislative activity in the employment arena in the last few years – a trend that seems to be continuing. On average, states are experiencing 2-3 mandatory federal and state labor law changes annually, resulting in the need to frequently replace labor law posters to remain compliant. For example, in 2015 over 20 states scheduled mandatory labor law posting changes, not even to mention that in addition, there are 3 Federal Mandatory Posting Updates anticipated.

To ensure our customers stay current and protected, Accuchex has created a new Labor Law Poster Program that you can enroll in. For a nominal annual cost of $89, we will send you your laminated State & Federal Labor Law Poster, most recently updated to reflect all current requirements as of January 2017, ensuring that you are up-to-date with current Posting Requirements and protected from associated penalties! Sign up here.

However, a common misconception about compliance posters is that they only change at the beginning of each year. Although there are usually more state related labor law changes in January – mostly because of laws going into effect in the New Year – state labor laws can change at any time. To ensure that you will stay protected through the year from new additions and ever-changing labor laws, and posting requirements, we included a service to assist you in staying compliant, and to help you avoid Government imposed fines, penalties and potential lawsuits.


New Labor Law Poster Service for Your Company

This enhanced service includes:

  1. Initial up-to-date, space-saving laminated Labor Law Poster. The poster includes required state and federal labor law notices in the mandated format.
  2. Replacement posters delivered to your business to ensure continued compliance protection when labor law changes occur.
  3. Receive an updated State and Federal Labor Law Poster, every year on the anniversary of the subscription.
  4. The cost for this initial plus updated poster during the year is available to all Accuchex customers for a nominal annual fee of $89, shipping and handling included.

Sign up here to initiate your California Labor Law Poster service.