The Accuchex FREE online payroll calculator enables you to compute payroll for hourly or salaried employees. Use these handy tools to do a quick calculation. It is not, however a payroll service replacement.

Just enter your staff member’s pay info, and we’ll crunch the numbers as well as show you the amount to pay and how to deduct for taxes. We ensure your computations are accurate with the most up-to-date tax tables, so you don’t have to think about it. Also, the payroll calculator can be used to include overtime, bonuses, or payments.

 Hourly Payroll Calculator

The per hour payroll calculator estimates take-home pay for hourly employees after tax obligations and other deductions are kept. Merely choose the hourly pay rate alternative to enter the variety of hours functioned as well as the gross hourly price.

 Salary Payroll Calculator

The salary payroll calculator determines take-home pay for salaried employees after tax obligations and deductions. Select the wage pay choice to enter into the gross income amount, and net pay is instantly determined.

Gross-Up Payroll Calculator

With our gross-up payroll calculator, you can compute gross pay based upon net earnings and allow for adjustments in 401(k) contribution quantity, changes in deductions for health and dental insurance and similar scenarios.

W4 Assistant Calculator

If you received or will receive a refund for your taxes this year, you are having too much taken from your paycheck!  Like most Americans, you are basically giving the IRS an interest free loan as they hold your money.  If you prefer to pay what you owe while enjoying the full benefit of your wages, use our W4 calculator to see how much you can add to your paycheck…starting now.

Throw away your spreadsheets and tax withholding tables and try this out today.