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A simple timekeeping solution is one that offers practicality from end to end. Experience the convenience of automated timekeeping solution and learn how to dramatically reduce the administrative work involved in collecting and calculating employee hours. We are a reliable service provider in automated timekeeping solutions in San Francisco, California.

Accuchex offers a variety of options for collecting employee data, which all send your employees’ punches to the web for simple editing and reporting by your supervisors. Data can be sent either through a standard phone or fax line (analog) or via our recommended digital (Ethernet) connection, depending on your preference and/or location’s accessibility.

Once you have selected a data collection method (Web, badge card, PIN, fingerprint, etc.), we’ll set up your account according to your labor needs, creating an automated means of tracking and calculating each of your employee’s time cards.

Time Clock Options based on Collection Method

To learn more about our timekeeping solutions, start by selecting a solution based on how the punches are to be collected from employees. Through simplistic hardware setup that can be completed in a matter of minutes to exceptional user ease in tracking employee punches, editing time cards and generating reports for payroll processing, our automated timekeeping solution was designed to simplify the basics of timekeeping. You’ll see features in our automated timekeeping solution that are simple to use and intuitive to navigate through.

Accuchex offers a variety of timekeeping options and we will work closely with you to help choose the right device that will fit within your company and allow you to manage your company’s time most effectively. You may even already have an idea of what “method” you’d prefer to use to collect your employee’s punches. Each option is easily implemented, from a simple card swipe unit installed on the wall to a real-time Ethernet connection with biometric capabilities. You will be able to set up your hardware and “plug it in” in a matter of minutes.

The most popular and general methods for gathering employee punches include:

  1. Fingerprint scan or “biometric.”
  2. Over the web – online time clock
  3. Pin entry or badge “swipe”
  4. Over the phone
  5. Proximity Badge

Click the images below for more information on our most popular time clock solutions.

Fingerprint or Biometric
FlexClock Z-33 Series

Web Clock

Pin entry or badge “swipe”
Z-11 FlexClock Series

webclock timekeeping option
pin entry flexclock z-11

Benefits of Using a Time Clock System

  1. Cost Savings – Since you are tracking actual hours worked wasted labor minutes are eliminated
  2. Lower Administrative Costs – The automated time tracking systems drastically reduces administrative hours
  3. Increase in Productivity – Employees are paid for actual minutes and hours worked thus eliminating late arrivals and early departures.
  4. Eliminate “Buddy Punching” – Online and off-line time clock systems prevent “Buddy punching” and time theft.
  5. Simple Online Editing – Allows you to log in from any workstation to easily manage data online.
  6. Reduce Labor Costs – Since you pay for actual minutes and hours worked labor costs are dramatically reduced.
  7. Simple Hardware Setup – Online and Off-line time clock hardware are easily set-up in minutes.

By clicking on the following link, you will be transported to our Time and Attendance information center. Please take your time to review the various methods and options for recording time as well as viewing the many demos and presentations that reside within the pages. Also, please be sure not to miss Wasted Labor Calculator. After you have had time to investigate and you still have questions, please contact us at your convenience, we will be happy to assist you in determining what would be the best fit for you and your company. Please follow this link to learn more

New Timekeeping Option: TimeWorks

TimeWorks is a simple but powerful online electronic time and attendance solution for all businesses, large and small. It combines the convenience of online access with the familiarity of a conventional wall-mounted time clock, PC, and telephone. Our service is entirely online, so there’s no software to buy, install, or manage. Please follow this link to learn more about TimeWorks

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