Certified Payroll

Accuchex has considerable experience and knowledge in processing and reporting certified payrolls. We have been a leading provider in certified payroll management services for many years. Unique to certified payrolls are that they are often a subset of a company’s normal payroll…pertaining to just one job, usually a government project.

“Certified payrolls” are a specialized process involving the input of a date and job code with each entry. This is used to generate a report, in a specified format, of hours worked and labor costs for a particular job. The report presents data on a daily basis for a period of one week; multiple reports may occur within the same payroll cycle, and a single certified payroll report may span into two payroll dates. The Accuchex report can include work classification, and it is in compliance with the Wage and Hour Division of the U.S. Department of Labor, using their form WH-347.

The payroll specialists and systems personnel at Accuchex have the training and experience to deal expertly with the complications abound in processing, reporting certified payrolls and overall certified payroll management. This involves, among other things, payroll input on a daily basis, job codes, pay codes and report parameters for extracting data for the correct reporting periods.

Certified payrolls must, of course, be handled within the context of all the normal requirements, such as state and federal tax deposits, quarterly and year end reporting, including preparation of W-2’s. And these requirements can be met at any time, even for a long-term employer who has never previously required certified payroll reports.

We have proven experience in payroll management services and you can expect the highest quality certified payroll management services from Accuchex. We offer our services in the California Bay area – including North Bay, South Bay and East bay, and San Francisco.

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