Become more connected with Employee Self – Service. (E.S.S.)

Employee Self-Service gives your authorized employees 24/7 selected access to their own payroll information on-line. Take a load off of your human resources by allowing employees to view their personal wage history, evaluate their tax status, enrolled benefits, and emergency contacts.

In a password protected, secure environment, your employees can:

  • Review their personal payroll data, including paycheck detail, historical check detail, year-to-date pay summaries.
  • Review tax withholding status information and trigger for change compliance
  • Confirm Direct Deposit profiles
  • Review personal information including address, phone number, emergency contacts, etc.
  • Review snapshots of their previous employment, skill sets, education credits, licenses, certifications, awards, etc.
  • Review their current deductions including benefits premium contributions, allocated savings and garnishment and wage order goals.

Employee Self Service is ideal for those employees who work in the field or far away from the brick and mortar business. With your specific access roles, employees may be given rights to add or change information in certain fields and to print Direct Deposit wage statements and check vouchers.

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