Payroll Direct Deposit in California is easy with Accuchex

Paying your employees on time is one of the most important things a business owner can do. Payroll direct deposit services with Accuchex ensure that your employees are paid immediately, no checks to hand out and no need for employees to go to the bank. Paying your employee through direct deposit, also known as the Automated Clearing House (ACH), allows employees to get paid faster and more reliably. ACH also simplifies the burden on the business owner when it comes to bank account reconciliation. Salaries and wages are sent directly to the employee with ease, allowing employees to access their money immediately without the need for a trip to the bank.

Accuchex can also help to eliminate the need to hand out  check stubs to verify payment, using our payroll direct deposit email notification system employees receive their pay statements via email on pay day.  Our Payroll Direct deposit email notification puts the employee in a position of knowledge, no longer will they have to ask for wage history to get a loan or apply for credit. They have all their history at their fingertips, either saving each email to a direct deposit folder or going back into their email inbox and search for the pay stubs emailed to them.

We offer services in California Bay area – North Bay, South Bay and East Bay, including San Francisco. Call us now if you are in search of the best service provider in payroll direct deposit in San Francisco.