Retirement Services – 401(k), Pensions and Investments

Employer-sponsored retirement plans require more than just a financial commitment. The moment you select a retirement plan, you’re investing in the financial future of your employees and your business. Retirement and investment plans such as 401(k) are a crucial part of the employee/employer relationship since strong programs can help you to attract and retain top talent.

Retirement Plan Options

Businesses have multiple ways to help employees save money for retirement:

  • The employer, the employee, or both may make contributions toward a retirement account.
  • The money can come from direct contributions or from deferred income, and there are options for savings accounts and investment plans.

As a retirement services partner, Accuchex helps you to find the best solution and provides cost effective administration.

Popular retirement plans include:

401(k) plans:

These plans are popular with employees at all levels. A 401(k) takes either a percentage or a dollar amount from an employee’s paycheck. The amount is tax-free until the employee retires (or otherwise withdraws the funds), and the employer can enjoy a tax deduction based on contributions to employees.


Employer-sponsored IRA plans are similar to 401(k) plans but have their own variety of tax incentives and accounting methods. The choice between IRA types and other retirement plans depends on a wide variety of factors.


Employers can designate funds for a pension plan to provide retirement income for employees based on their salary, years of employment and other factors. Pension plans typically must conform to specific federal regulations.

Other investment and retirement plans:

Options include profit-sharing plans and various investment strategies. Non-profit organizations can use a 403(b) plan for tax-exempt investments similar to a 401(k).

What Do We Provide?

Accuchex retirement services help employers navigate the complex and confusing world of retirement plans.

Offering good retirement programs help with talent acquisition and the employee relationship, but the administrative process is prohibitively expensive and time-consuming for most businesses. As your retirement services team Accuchex delivers a seamless solution through a payroll interface.

Even if you have an existing retirement plan in place, Accuchex helps you to achieve greater efficiency and access to helpful tools through its partnership with leading investment firms. Our customers benefit from better administration and support in key areas:

  • Retirement plans built from scratch
  • Interface solutions to work with existing retirement plans
  • Connect payroll with retirement programs seamlessly
  • Behind-the-scenes management to maximize benefits
  • Provide peace of mind to employees by offering greater financial security

Start Planning Today

Whether you have a few employees or several thousand, Accuchex has the retirement plan solutions and management tools to empower your organization now and into the future. Contact us for a free consultation and find out how we can bring greater value to your company’s retirement plan.