Employee Benefits Insurance Programs

Employee Benefits Insurance Programs Are Crucial to Both Workers and Employers

Every business wants to offer the right selection of employee benefits, but managing the program internally presents an expensive and difficult task. At Accuchex, we have secured preferred carrier arrangements and integrated administration in conjunction with next generation employee self-service portal technology to make it easy for you to deliver the benefits coverage’s your company and employees need.

We provide you with:

  • First class personal service
  • A thorough market analysis
  • A 12 month service calendar
  • A complete game plan for managing your programs.

What Is Included in Employee Benefits?

Key areas of employee benefits include:

Health benefits:

Health benefits are generally considered the most desirable category of benefits – health packages are highly important to workers and can lead to the recruitment of better personnel, increased productivity, and higher levels of employee retainment.

Dental and vision benefits:

Dental and vision benefits can be included as part of a health package or added separately.

Retirement plans:

Retirement plans make an attractive benefit for attracting talent and keeping good workers. Employers can also enjoy tax savings for retirement contributions.

Short-term and long-term disability:

Short-term and long-term disability offer peace of mind for employees and employers alike. Unlike workers’ compensation, disability insurance offers coverage for health problems unrelated to a job.

Voluntary benefits:

Other voluntary benefits include life insurance, GAP coverage, and EAP (employee assistance programs) for unforeseen personal problems, among others.

Managing Employee Benefits Insurance Programs

Accuchex helps to manage your employee benefits insurance programs – from securing the right programs to delivering and maintaining the programs over time.

As a business owner you can easily feel overwhelmed by the amount of work and resources it would take to effectively manage a benefit program in-house. Our benefits management services include:

  • Eligibility and enrollment
  • Human Resources functions
  • Compliance
  • Employee self-service tools
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Strategic initiatives

How Can Small to Medium-Sized Businesses Get Access to Competitive Benefits?

Accuchex can be your solution. We help organizations of any size to gain access to the full variety of employee benefits and management tools available.

Accuchex makes benefits administration easier and more efficient:

  • We help you find and choose the perfect health plan and other employee benefits for your organization.
  • Our carrier partnerships help us bring you a wide assortment of benefit programs to suit your budget and needs.
  • We facilitate the delivery and onboarding of your employees.
  • Our advanced online portal for employee self-service streamlines the process.
  • We provide year-round, strategic management of your benefit programs.

The complexity and variety of employee benefits insurance programs make it important for your business to work with knowledgeable experts. We help you discover and implement the benefits packages that match your organization’s specific needs.

Contact us today for a free consultation. Accuchex will bring value and efficiency to your employee benefits insurance programs – (415) 883-7733 x201.