Commercial Auto Insurance

Protect your business vehicles with Accuchex

When you have commercial vehicles of any kind, you need commercial auto insurance. Accuchex helps you to find customized, right-sized coverage to protect your business on the road.

When Does a Business Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

If you are unsure about obtaining auto insurance, Accuchex works with you to determine whether you are required to have coverage. We can also advise you on whether your company could limit the risk of liability by obtaining coverage.

The following are scenarios that call for immediate commercial auto coverage:

  • Your employees make deliveries or sales calls, whether in personal vehicles or company vehicles.
  • Vehicles are registered to the business, rather than the business owner or other individual.
  • Your business uses pickup trucks, vans, or other commercial-type vehicles.
  • Your business uses vehicles fitted with industrial equipment like trailers, ladders, refrigerators or cooking equipment.
  • Your business provides or subsidizes employee autos, whether for personal use, conducting business or both.

What Is Covered by Commercial Auto Insurance?

Commercial auto insurance provides coverage for third-party claims for which your company would be held liable. Example: when your employee has an accident while driving a company car or conducting business on your behalf, commercial auto insurance protects your business from costs and lawsuits. Coverage can include:

  • Bodily injuries to third parties
  • Personal injuries to your drivers & passengers
  • Collision coverage
  • Property damage
  • Court costs and legal fees

How is Commercial Auto Different from Personal Auto Insurance?

This point is especially important for small business owners, self-employed individuals, and companies that are unsure about whether to purchase commercial coverage.

Commercial auto insurance typically differs from personal policies in several ways:

  • Greater liability coverage under commercial policies.
  • Coverage can extend to any employee, rather than specific individuals.
  • Protect your personal finances in the event of an accident sustained during business.
  • Protect your business from liability in accidents caused by your employees.
  • Special plans with targeted coverage are available for vans, trucks, and other commercial vehicles.

Examples of Commercial Auto Insurance Claims

  • An employee driving a company-owned vehicle is found at fault in an accident. The commercial policy covers the third party’s hospital bills.
  • An employee driving a personal vehicle causes an accident while driving to make a sales call. The employee’s personal policy covers their personal liability, while the commercial policy protects against the business’ portion of liability.
  • A delivery van requires engine repairs. The auto policy covers a rental vehicle so the business can continue making deliveries while the company van gets fixed.

Protect Your Business While On the Road

Without proper coverage, an employee’s auto accident could devastate your business. Accuchex works with businesses to find affordable policies with the right coverage to keep your business driving.