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Human Resources Management Solutions with MY HR SUPPORT CENTER

The Accuchex HR Support Center, also referred to as MY HR SUPPORT CENTER, offers employers the most up-to-date and professional human resource management solutions available.

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With this service you can confidently resolve human resource issues with all the necessary information, documentation, forms and customizable templates. Plus, professional assistance is just a quick call away. My HR SUPPORT Center team of HR Professionals will provide you with the practical, legal, and compliance information needed for your organization.

Trust your experts to stay up-to-date on required trainings, such as Harassment and discrimination prevention courses, and quick How-to videos so you save you time and help you avoid unnecessary legal fees. Best of all, My HR Support Center is immediately available at a low monthly cost.

HR On-Demand includes:

  • Happy Employees Results in Higher Retention:

The Accuchex HRIS provides you with a dynamic performance review system to give employees the feedback they need to grow and perform at their best. It also gives you an opportunity to reward employees based on their contribution to the organization’s success.

HR On-Demand also allows employees (employers) personal access to administrative documentation, company news and PTO, keeping the day-to-day frustrations to a minimum.

**HR OnDemand is part of the My HR Support center

A Comprehensive Library of HR Documents

Unlimited access to all HR related documents and tools, including:

  • templates to start or supplement your company handbook
  • guides for anything from health care reform to wage and hour law
  • customizable job descriptions for more than 100 common positions

HR PRO Help Desk support:

Get answers directly from a certified HR professional. Your HR On-Demand service can help you to avoid those HR mistakes that lead to costly litigations. Ask our HR PRO professional for advice on topics ranging from flexible work arrangements to internet usage to tuition reimbursements and many more.

HR Help Desk Frequently Asked Questions

Follow this link to a compilation of frequently asked questions and answers related to human resource issues provided by professionals at my hr support center.

And much more:

  • Wide-ranging Online HR Resources for all fifty US state
  • In-depth labor and employment law information
  • Downloadable forms, policies, and checklists
  • Helpful calculators including ACA determination and ACA safe harbor, and more.
  • Compliance wizards, extensive Q&A’s,
  • HR process best practices and more.
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Ongoing Legislative Alerts.
  • Compliance Products, Online Training Sessions, and more.

MY HR Support Center allows you to easily find and understand the state and federal laws that pertain to your specific industry and daily business operations. For a free tour of My HR Support Center.

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