Time2Pay® Installed – Complete Enterprise Payroll Solutions

When Time2Pay® on the web is not quite enough, look to explore another option with Time2Pay® Installed.

Enterprise Payroll Solution

This full feature version of Time2Pay® is ideal for Enterprise payrolls which require more functionality and extensive report customization. With secure password and user connections, Time2Pay® Installed resides directly on your company PC or network for easy access and use for managing your complex payroll with all the benefits of being “In-house”.

Scalable Payroll Management

Time2Pay® Installed is robust but easy to maintain and operate, it is multi-user friendly, and provides a higher level of functionality synonymous with the most expensive and robust “In- house” payroll programs. Not only is Time2Pay® Installed scalable, it enables multiple user access and simultaneous entry to share the work load among staff, pay groups, departments and or locations ensuring the payroll data is accurately and efficiently maintained.

While Time2Pay® on the web and Time2Pay® Installed both feature over 60 standard reports, Time2Pay® Installed provides more access to additional properties on reports, which include selection of code groups, additional 401K types and additional user defined fields to employee listings. Time2Pay® Installed goes further by providing the experienced user with a sophisticated “In-house” report writer that can be used at your specific design and convenience.

Although this system is easy to use and easy to support, please contact Accuchex today to explore if this option is right for you. Certain conditions may be required before your company is considered for Time2Pay® Installed – (415) 883-7733 or acxsales@accuchex.com.