Invitation To Explore Accuchex’s Time2Pay® & General Ledger Integration Solution

Time2Pay™ has the capability to generate General Ledger information during the payroll process and return that information back to you so that you can update the data in your accounting package. We have several options for General Ledger integration offering varying levels and capabilities for providing this data to QuickBooks® and other accounting packages.

FREE – Payroll / G.L. Summary Report – This report / file is created automatically with every payroll. Simply logon to Time2Pay™ on the web and you will find the G.L. Summary Report waiting for you in your Reports Pick-up area. This is easily accessed and presented as a CSV (Excel readable) file. Everyone has access to this Excel® presentation when payroll is run in Time2Pay™. Several different sorts are provided.

FREE – The Simple QuickBooks® Export

This option creates a transaction file to interface directly with QuickBooks®. It is in an Intuit® Import Format (.iif.) which is designed to be used directly by QuickBooks®. Provide the name of the accounts in your QuickBooks® application for Bank and Payroll Expenses and this export will populate both check and expense data. Included are the following lines of entry: Net Checks by Employee and Check Number, Direct Deposit Transfer amount, Tax Transfer amount (both employer & employee taxes), and processing fees.  This option brings all the check information into one expense account which can then be easily journaled to other sub-accounts for further detail.

QuickBooks® Export report is pushed securely to the web and available to be saved on your local computer where your QuickBooks® application is installed and then easily imported using the QuickBooks® import utility.  It also produces a transactional file in the .iif format. This is accomplished by defining rules to assign the different payroll code types (earnings, overtime, deductions, taxes, etc.) to G.L. accounts during the payroll processing and then associating these accounts to the QuickBooks® accounts. Not only is all of the same data imported as the Simple QuickBooks® report above, but this option will break the amounts down into sub-accounts and classes.

G.L. Export

This is a Coma Separated Value file format (CSV) with accounts and amounts.   A CSV file is a commonly used file structure that offers flexibility to many accounting packages. The set up requires that we program Time2Pay™ by defining rules to assign the different payroll code types (earnings, overtime, deductions, taxes, etc.) to GL accounts during the payroll processing. The detail of the data can be designed according to the individual company’s needs. Employee’s home cost center or the cost center worked can be reported for labor distribution.

Custom General Ledger Programming

If none of the options listed above work for you or you have complex or specific G.L. reporting needs, custom G.L. programming is also available. We will design and program according to your specific needs for a low cost starting at $375.