Feel confident that you are adequately prepared in your staffing needs and that your employees’ schedules can effectively handle the ebbs and flows of your busy times.

Now, imagine all of the above while creating company-wide visibility to scheduling requirements at the same time.  TimeSimplicity’s online employee scheduling solutions are completely web-based with nothing to install, quick to set up and operate, and equally as quick to learn and teach to your workforce.

Scheduling of your staff and the shifts needed to effectively manage your business can be a time consuming juggling act. Not anymore! Leave your calculators and spreadsheets behind and automate the tedious job with NEW TimeSimplicity, online employee scheduling solutions.

TimeSimplicity is an easy to use scheduling application / schedule maker that eliminates overstaffing and reduces overtime. With this advanced interface employers now have the ability to effortlessly create and save schedules. Using the drag-and-drop feature, managers can easily and quickly cover shifts that best “fit” employees’ skills and availability. Quickly identify gaps in staffing coverage during busy times with up to date visibility.

View schedules by day, or any grouping of weeks, current to six-weeks out. Review coverage by position in hourly, ½-hour, 20-minute or 15-minute increments. You can even color-coordinate shifts for quick identification of times or position.

Other TimeSimplicity Benefits

  • Supervisors and employees will benefit from the powerful collaboration between TimeSimplicity scheduling and Timeworks time and attendance functionalities to track actual time worked on the job.
  • No more guessing games when scheduling employees. Now you can address unique scheduling requirements and challenges by organizing according to your shift requirements.
  • With TimeSimplicity, employees can receive real-time employee scheduling updates via email and text message. Plus TimeSimplicity streamlines the entire scheduling process saving employers time and money and helping them to improve employee job satisfaction.
  • You will see improved employee satisfaction with the ability to lobby for more shifts or trade with available personnel. TimeSimplicity can immediately notify an employee of the status of any open shift trades they may have initiated, whether it’s been approved or declined with the email and text message functionality. Manages can announce to the appropriate staff members when open shifts become available. Managers can receive an employees’ immediate reply informing supervisors when they are willing and available to cover the open shift.
  • Ease of scheduling creates a stronger and quicker method for employers and employees to communicate with one another. Employers no longer have to chase paper trails or track messy trade request forms.
  • Ease of automation simplifies the communication between employers and their employees.
  • Make your company more flexible by allowing changes on the fly to easily take place as needed.
  • TimeSimplicity saves you time because of its ease of use. It easily helps to identify coverage holes that could result in labor shortages or redundancies, thereby reducing overtime by more accurately utilizing staff resources.
  • Assist you to balance your staffs’ workloads.
  • Promotes collaboration and work flow of changes from the employee to the manager and back for schedule changes, swapping, etc.
  • Assures skillset compliance by ensuring the correct employees are scheduled to meet operational requirements

Online Employee Scheduling Solutions – What to Consider

To help you determine if an advance online employee scheduling system such as TimeSimplicity is the right choice for you, here are 5 criteria to consider:

  • Do you have multiple locations and some employees work at more than one location?
  • Are your hours of operation 24/7 or greater than 12 hours per day?
  • Are some of your employees eligible or qualified to work in multiple jobs or positions?
  • Do your employees work multiple jobs or change jobs and or locations during a work week?
  • Do you have employees that work only part-time and have limited availability due to family responsibilities, class schedules or second jobs, etc.?

To reap the benefits of linking TimeSimplicity’s advanced online employee scheduling solutions with your needs for a modern, agile, and collaborative workforce, do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have or to set up a company specific demonstration – (415) 883-7733.