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Accuchex’s Human Resource Management and Consulting Services

Human Resource management is a natural extension of the payroll department. But, more than payroll and tax calculations, HR comprises of many tasks that require a human touch. HR “Best practices” is to effectively manage your “human capital” from the first interview to the day of retirement. When you need more HR functionality than provided through the payroll processing functions, Accuchex is proud to offer you its HR On-Demand services to help you secure the expert HR Pros you need to take you to the next level.

The Human Resource Consulting services in Accuchex’s HR On-Demand service not only include unlimited consulting time, it also entails custom employee handbooks, live chat help, and more…

An Overview of HR On-Demand Services

  • Ask a Pro

You can ask our HR professionals as many questions as you need to, online, on the phone, or through our mobile app. With over 14 years of HR consulting experience in areas ranging from Health Care Reform to Performance Management to Hiring and Termination, they’ll be able to answer all of your HR compliance and employee management questions.

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  • Ticket Tracker

How soon will you receive an answer to your question? If not immediately our Ticket Tracker will update you on the status of your question, displaying detailed ticket information, including which HR Pro has been assigned to your ticket and when an answer will be ready.

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Each quarter supervisors are invited to attend live, interactive sexual harassment raining. The training meets every state and federal training requirement, last for 2 hours and covers basic requirements and best practices as well as additional protected category areas such as race, disability, and sexual orientation.

  • Custom Employee Handbooks

One of the big items for businesses of all sizes and in all industries is an employee handbook. With HR On-Demand our HR professionals will help you to create a customized and comprehensive employee handbook. They’ll also update and review your existing handbooks. Handbook reviews include a one-on-one consultation to go over your handbook’s policies to ensure your businesses is both compliant and protected.

  • HR Concierge

To help you easily locate or identify the HR issues and tools you need, our live chat feature, HR Concierge, assists you to find what you need when you need it.

  • Customized Documentation

Our HR Pros will assist you in developing custom HR forms, documents, letters, and tools for your business. They’ll work with you to create the customized documentation that you may need for your specific organization.

By partnering with Accuchex our HR Pros can help you to confidently resolve the HR issues you experience on a daily basis.

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