Leslie, this email is long overdue. I just want to thank you for having some of the best employees in town.

Donna came all the way down to my office after hours to bring me the payroll. She saved me from myself, it was such a kind gesture. And as usual, Patti has been unbelievable with all the changes and growth of some of my clients.

I am so pleased to be back with your company – I am even trying to get a CPA I work with to go to Accuchex for his payroll.

I would just like to drop a note to you to tell you how much I like and appreciate Karlot as my payroll expert. I have been through 2 or 3 experts and am so lucky to have landed with Karlot. I have called him often for help, and it is rare when he is not available to take my call and if he has to return my call, it is usually within a very short window of time.

Currently, I have been getting ready for the new CHFA paid sick leave. I read and learned a lot about it, but after speaking with Karlot, I realized that I had totally gotten it wrong. He is knowledgeable, professional, helpful and patient with me, as I am probably not always the calmest person to deal with.

I just wanted to compliment Karlot and you for hiring him. I consider myself lucky and have recommended Accuchex and Karlot to several of my business associates.

My biggest problem with my previous payroll management provider was if I had a problem I was assigned a case # and directed to the call center. Kind of like the IRS!!

I like having my personal Accuchex rep when I have issues. Thanks, I am very happy and it was worth it to switch

I think pretty much everyone is aware of how time consuming it could be to deal with the IRS these days. Considering their workload, it’s an exercise in patience trying to deal with them. Ask me, I know.

Therefore I really appreciate the effort you guys put forth and look forward to another 8 years and beyond of doing business with such top-notch folks like you.

I wanted to pass on my sincerest thanks and appreciation for Kathy’s hard work and outstanding service to Auberge Resorts in conjunction with the payroll processing for our Archetype Restaurant in St Helena, CA.

Our associate Darlene Pino worked with Kathy directly on this semi-monthly process and found Kathy to be reliable, knowledgeable, responsive, extremely helpful, proactive, professional and above all else – patient.

We cannot thank Kathy enough for all her work on our behalf. When needed she manually entered payroll hours and tips for us when our timekeeping system’s import log was down. She also always let us know if the employee tips on the import log did not match our manager’s records.

She calculated and processed mid-pay period raises and retroactive pay on multiple occasions and spent a significant amount of time training Darlene on the reporting capability of Accuchex.

Probably most significantly, we had made a change to another payroll vendor with a 2/1 effective date. (This change was made only to increase system integration for us and certainly not because of any deficiency of Kathy or Accuchex). But there was an unfortunate series of glitches which led us at the eleventh hour to reach back out to Kathy – after our relationship with Accuchex had essentially come to an end – and ask her to run a payroll for us. This required a pay date change and delivery change, yet with no hesitation whatsoever, Kathy jumped right in and processed it for us which saved Darlene hours and hours of manual input.

I hope you know what a truly special employee you have. Kathy is a superstar and we are very, very grateful to her for all she did for us.

I met Jim and Leslie in 1989 when both they and I were starting our businesses. I had just missed another quarterly payment and was looking at an additional penalty. They told me what they could do and they have now for more 25 years. Accuchex makes it easy for me to enter payroll and pays all my taxes on time. If I get a notice from the state, I just forward it on to my representative and they deal with it.  I also carry my Workman’s Comp through Accuchex and they compute my payments right from  payroll. It makes the audits easy and correct with no surprises at year end.