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Support & FAQ
Search through our FAQ's below:
Q. Green Payroll. Does Accuchex offer a green payroll option?
Q. My company needs Worker’s Comp insurance. Can Accuchex help me with that?
Q. My accountant would like access to my company’s payroll records in Time2Pay®. Is it possible to grant her access?
Q. I can’t find my W-2. How do I get another copy?
Q. If I sign up for direct deposit, how long does it take to go onto effect.
Q. My payroll has not arrived. What can I do to track the delivery status of my payroll?
Q. I have never accessed my company’s payroll information online. How can I acquire login credentials to access Time2Pay®?
Q. I cannot remember my password to login into Time2Pay®. What should I do?
Q. Can my employees access their paystub information online?
Q. When should I expect copies of my quarterly payroll tax returns after the end of a quarter?
Q. I will need to run a bonus payroll at the end of the year, but I will not have the numbers to run that payroll until after the end-of-the-year processing deadline. What should I do?
Q. I have a Point-of-Sales system that tracks my employees' hours. Is there any way to transfer this information into the payroll system so I do not have to reenter this information manually?
Q. I have a friend who needs a payroll service. If I refer them to Accuchex, will I be rewarded in any way?
Q. I will be hiring an employee who lives and works in another state. Can Accuchex process my payroll for employees outside of California?
Q. How many days in advance should I typically submit my payroll for processing?
Q. Can Accuchex track my employee’s sick and vacation accruals and balances?
Q. Everyone in my company is on direct deposit. Is there any way other than of providing them their paystub information handing them a direct deposit voucher?
Q. I have a technical problem that I think would be best addressed by the Accuchex IT Team. Can I contact them directly?
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